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The UK is home to a host of Areas of Outstanding Natural Beauty. With so many gorgeous locations to choose for your next break in the UK, what does this title actually mean? We have everything you need to help you plan your next holiday in an Area of Outstanding Natural Beauty.

What Makes an Area of Outstanding Natural Beauty?

An Area of Outstanding Natural Beauty (often abbreviated to AONB) is protected by law to conserve its natural beauty. Around 18% of the UK is officially considered an Area of Natural Beauty. Not only does this initiative aim to preserve valuable landscapes across the country, it also offers holiday goers with plenty of stunning areas to unwind and be at one with nature.

Why Visit an Area of Outstanding Natural Beauty?

Since AONBs have been preserved in the interest of keeping a place naturally intact for everyone to enjoy, they make gorgeous holiday locations. From beautiful beaches to rolling hills and everything in between, these areas are the perfect escape from the chaos of daily life.

5 Areas of Outstanding Natural Beauty to Take a Short Break

1. Cornwall – We think there are few better ideas than taking a charming cottage holiday in Cornwall and exploring the beauty of the region. With plenty of things to do in Cornwall, this is a great choice for a break with the whole family.

2. Suffolk Hills – For dramatic views and breath-taking walks, look no further than the delightful Suffolk Hills. Engulfed in greenery, this area is a great option for travelling with the family dog. Why not stay at the Wilderness Reserve for a luxury retreat? Need convincing? See the Wilderness Reserve on video for more inspiration.

3. Cotswolds – This makes the quintessential trip for anyone looking to explore a stunning area of the country. With endless independent shops, galleries and eateries to look out for, you won’t regret visiting this AONB.

4. Wye Valley – For an adventurous trip, the Wye Valley is the place for you. Packed with outdoor activities in abundance, plus plenty of gorgeous landscapes to feast your eyes on, you won’t be left stuck for things to do.

5. Malvern Hills – Take long, peaceful walks with some of the most amazing views you’re likely to find in the country. This holiday location is quite literally a breath of fresh air.

UK Holiday Guidance with Cottage Decisions

Cottage Decisions is on hand to provide you with inspiration for all things travel within the UK. From things to do in North Wales to Yorkshire Dales family holidays, let us guide your next trip.

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