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A holiday along the North Wales coast is a great way to feel closer to nature whilst escaping the stresses of daily life. Keep reading for our 9 tips and suggestions to have you making the most of your well-earned break.

3 Best Places to Holiday on the North Wales Coast

There is no shortage of beautiful locations to holiday on the North Wales coast. Steeped in unbeatable scenery, we’ve chosen 3 spots that are a must-visit if you’re looking to stay in this region.

  1. Beaumaris – For a short break in North Wales, Beaumaris promises beautiful architecture and a charming sea front to boot.
  2. Aberaeron – A picture perfect coastal town with its colourful houses and wildlife-rich coast, there are lots of things you must do in Aberaeron.
  3. Conwy – A popular staycation choice complete with large sandy beaches and historic attractions.

3 Types of North Wales Holiday Accommodation by the Coast

Choosing the perfect accommodation for your holiday on the North Wales coast can really enhance your visit. Here are our top 3 picks:

  1. Cottages – North Wales holiday cottages make an excellent choice for a trip to the coast. Spacious and facilitating, they’re ideal for a self catering holiday in North Wales.
  2. Lets – Holiday lets in North Wales are another route for the authentic local visit. Generally situated further from tourist hotspots, a let can offer a more peaceful holiday to the North Wales coast.
  3. Hotels & Inns – A holiday on the North Wales coast provides plenty of options for hotels and inns to suit all budgets and tastes. They’re a great way to integrate you into the heart of your chosen location.

3 Places to Take Your Dog on Holiday to the North Wales Coast

Dog owners won’t be wanting to leave their furry friends behind on a holiday to the North Wales coast! Plan your trip around our 3 areas for a pet friendly holiday in North Wales.

  1. Cemaes Bay – With the exception of a seasonal ban, dogs are allowed on the main beach and can roam the area beyond the harbour year-round.
  2. Colwyn Bay – A classic Victorian resort allowing dogs year-round on a large portion.
  3. Rhyl and Prestatyn – This makes a beautiful area for a holiday to the North Wales coast, with dog friendly beaches and plenty of other areas to go exploring in.

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