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view of cornwall harbour in summer

A self catering holiday in Cornwall is the ultimate way to immerse yourself in your destination. Cooking with local ingredients, whilst spending time bonding with your family will make for unforgettable memories. Discover our top tips for your self catering Cornish adventure!

Why Take a Self Catering Holiday to Cornwall?

There are so many reasons to take your self catering holiday in Cornwall, here are just a few of them:

  • Top UK Destination for families – Cornwall is one of the Top 10 UK destinations for families. With your self catering accommodation you’ll have a family holiday in Cornwall you won’t forget.
  • Incredible local ingredients – Cornwall is known for its fresh seafood brought in by the fishing boats each day. On a self catering holiday in Cornwall you can take advantage of the freshness to produce some of your best cooking yet!
  • Gorgeous scenery – Wherever you choose to stay in Cornwall, you’ll be in for a beautiful holiday. Both the seascape and the countryside are equally beautiful in this UK destination.

3 Cornwall Self Catering Holiday Accommodations

The types of holiday accommodation in Cornwall are endless, with lots of them being self catering! Here are our top picks:

  • Cottages – A holiday cottage in Cornwall is the ideal place to stay on a self catering holiday. With all the comforts of home, and added cosiness you’ll love cooking here.
  • Camping – An affordable way to enjoy a Cornwall self catering holiday is to camp. Set up your tent, and get your bbq skills going for this adventure!
  • Eco-cabin – Cornwall is known for its green-first thinking, and you’ll find a plethora of eco-cabins with burning stoves to suit.

3 Places to Have a Cornish Self Catering Holiday

Your self catering holiday in Cornwall wouldn’t be complete without being in the perfect location. Depending on your wants from your break, you’ll be looking at different places to stay in Cornwall.

  • Looe – For a fishing town, with a beautiful beach that you’ll be able to get fresh fish from each day Looe is the perfect spot.
  • St Ives – The classic Cornish destination, St Ives would make a gorgeous spot for your self catering holiday in Cornwall.
  • Newquay – If you’re looking for somewhere with lots to do on your self catering holiday to Cornwall, Newquay is the place!

Inspire Your Next Staycation

Planning a UK holiday can be overwhelming, with so many beautiful places to visit, but we’re here to help. Whether you’re on the hunt for a Lake District family holiday, or a North Wales pet-friendly break – we have the guidance for you.

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