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North Wales holiday cottages are a picture-perfect way to experience this beautiful region. Get inspired by our top recommendations to make the most of your getaway!

Why Choose North Wales Holiday Cottages?

North Wales holiday cottages offer a break from the stresses of daily life but with all your usual home comforts. Many hotel options fail to deliver a full kitchen and living space, which can limit your resources. Holiday cottages are far more versatile when it comes to family holidays in North Wales, especially if you’re bringing you beloved dogs, and looking to shelter from the unpredictable welsh weather. What’s more, rural holiday cottages in North Wales can get you more involved in the local scenery.

3 Places to Stay in a North Wales Holiday Cottage

Location is key to planning your cottage holiday in North Wales. Here are some ideas to help you choose the right one.

  1. Conwy – It might be a small town, but Conwy packs a punch with plenty of activities and gorgeous scenery. There are plenty of annual events to look out for when you plan your trip.
  2. Llandudno – For holiday cottages on the North Wales coast, look no further. This is home to a famous seaside and the historical Llandudno Pier. Perfect to explore when you’re not relaxing in your cottage!
  3. Denbigh – A hidden gem in the heart of North Wales, Denbigh is a great choice for a picturesque, authentic cottage holiday.

Activities for a North Wales Cottage Holiday

There’s no shortage of fun activities to do on your cottage holiday in North Wales. Let us inspire your trip with just a few of our favourites.

  1. Nature trails – With so many tracks to take, any trip to North Wales would be incomplete without exploring its natural beauty for yourself.
  2. The Smallest House in Great Britain – You might be enjoying a cosy cottage holiday, but imagine just how cosy living in this unique home would be! Photos here are a must for any tourist.
  3. Try local welsh food – No holiday is complete without sampling as much local food as you can. Laverbread, Welsh rarebit and, of course, freshly baked Welsh cakes all make for essential tasting. Why not try recreating your favourites from the comfort of your holiday cottage?
  4. Botanical Gardens – We can’t think of anything dreamier than waking up in a beautiful North Wales holiday cottage and just strolling through a botanical garden. There are lots in the area to go to!

UK Holiday Guidance with Cottage Decisions

From tips on self catering holidays in North Wales to Northern Ireland family holidays, Cottage Decisions has your next UK break covered.

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