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orange, red and blue tents on a grassy hill in North Wales

Going camping in North Wales is a great way to let off steam and unleash your wild side! Keep reading to find out our guidance when planning a camping holiday in North Wales.

3 best places to go camping in North Wales

Camping in North Wales offers some amazing natural scenery, and no shortage of gorgeous locations to enjoy it in. This can make deciding on places to stay in North Wales a hard task! Luckily, we’ve picked our best 3 places to go camping in North Wales to make your planning process as easy as can be.

  1. Penmaenmawr – This perfect combination of dramatic mountain routes and peaceful seaside is ideal for those mixing adventure with relaxation.
  2. Bala – Internationally famous for its water sports, Bala is a great spot to be daring when camping in North Wales.
  3. Caernarfon – If you decide to go camping in North Wales, Caernafon has lots of campsites to choose from. You’ll also have the opportunity to explore the rest of the market town and the beautiful waterfront right at your feet.

3 reasons to take a family camping trip to North Wales

Going camping in North Wales is a fantastic way to spend quality bonding time with your family. Why would you opt for this rather than, say, a North Wales holiday cottage or a holiday let in North Wales?

  1. Be closer together – School and work commitments can have everyone in your household constantly in different places. Then, when you do get to sit down together at home, it can be difficult to catch up with everyone! Sharing a tent whilst surrounded by nature is a great way to communicate openly and make new memories.
  2. Stay wild – Embracing the wild with a camping holiday can help invoke a sense of adventure within the younger members of your family. Going camping in North Wales is the ultimate way to bring out your inner explorer.
  3. Keep active – Family camping holidays in North Wales can turn you more towards physical activities such as walking or water sports, giving you all a healthy dose of exercise.

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